What is Emotional Intelligence?

Commonly called “EQ” or “EI”, our Emotional Intelligence (in the simplest meaning)  is how well you and I manage our emotions.  However, EQ falls short on enriching our lives without a correspondingly high level of Social Intelligence.

Our appropriate social response to others is necessary for our happiness and success.Thus, any comprehensive description and effective application of  Emotional Intelligence includes Social Intelligence as a partner.

Taken together, Social and Emotional Intelligence are referred to as SEI, SEQ, or S+EI.

Social & Emotional Intelligence refers

 to the level at which we are in touch

with our feelings along with those of others


how we use that knowledge to

enrich our feelings with our thinking

while also

enriching our thinking with our feelings

to select the relative weight of each 

for reaching healthy and successful decisions.


Social & Emotional Intelligence is

  • Being aware of what’s going on within us, in the moment

  • Being aware of what might be going on within others, and responding with care and consideration

  • Managing ourselves, in the moment

  • Managing our relationships with others

Adapted from the Institute for Social and Emotional Intelligence (ISEI)