St. Louis Emotional Intelligence Center

St. Louis Emotional Intelligence Center
for Testing and Development LLC (STLEIC)


We developed our business, St. Louis Emotional Intelligence Center LLC (STLEIC), because we saw a need to move professional quality mental health/wellness services out of typical stuffy and stigmatized therapy offices which often have the “medical feel” of intervention and prevention. 

We bring the full spectrum of mental health/wellness needs including enrichment and education-- including personal and career development through increasing Emotional Intelligence--- into our more relaxed 'zone'. Our setting is ideal for maximum emotional healing as well as for learning and change. Our clients compliment us enthusiastically about the “non-medical/non- office” feel of our location in a mini-mall setting with comfortable home-like furnishings in our suite.

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Whether your mental health/wellness needs are to achieve emotional healing, that is, to intervene in or prevent an emotional crisis/downturn in your life or you have goals for improvement and learning to build greater life satisfaction and personal happiness, at STLEIC LLC we provide professional services for all of your needs and goals.

STLEIC LLC was founded over a decade ago and is a division of HireCoach ®. We blend the best of mental health wellness knowledge, professional skills/training, and corporate experience to create expert workshops and provide professional testing, consulting, and coaching services specializing in relationships and Emotional Intelligence (EQ/EI) — personal and business. www.HireCoach®

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Co-owners are Dr. Patt Hollinger Pickett, SEICC, LMFT, MEd, PhD, and her spouse, Darrel Hollinger, MEd, MBA.

Dr. Patt is highly qualified,  skilled, experienced and professionally state licensed to deal with the full spectrum of mental and emotional needs for enrichment and education---coaching| consulting| speaking| training| workshops| relationship classes| marriage groups| emotional intelligence testing| EQ coaching; and for intervention and prevention---counseling| therapy.

  • In addition to more than 30 years of mental health and wellness experience, Dr. Patt is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, a Social and Emotional Intelligence Certified Coach, a Missouri Certified Teacher, an accomplished author/writer, and a trainer. For additional information about Dr. Patt’s professional background, check out her Resume.

(IMPORTANT NOTE:  Health-related services provided by non-licensed persons identifying themselves as coaches, consultants, subject matter experts (SMEs), guides and similar titles are limited in scope by licensing regulations. These services include, but are not limited to mental health, stress, and emotional wellness-related matters. For specific details, please see details in state professional licensing information.)

Darrel works behind the scenes as the technical administrator, business manager, adviser, and assists with presentations.

  • Darrel is a past assistant college dean, former corporate executive, management trainer, and a licensed real estate broker and company co-owner. He has a thirty-plus year history of community leadership in government and civic organizations. He brings excellent networking and professional skills along with lengthy business experience STLEIC-HireCoach®. 

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On Olive, 2 minutes West of 141 in Dierberg's Plaza in Chesterfield MO

Convenient to St. Louis City and County. Just a quick 15-30 minutes from St. Charles County over the 364/Page bridge or via HWY 70 or HWY 40/64.

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