Non-profit Speaking

At STLEIC-HireCoach, we are committed to teaming up with non-profit organizations. We provide your members with the highest quality mental health/wellness educational services. All  workshops, classes and talks are presented by the well-experienced and highly qualified, state-licensed professional, Dr. Patt.

Our method of doing so is to work with you to offer a fund-raiser which is uniquely designed to enrich your donors with life enhancing skills and tools. We offer 90 minute and 45-minute packages.(Minimum/maximum attendance and other requirements apply.) We work with you to set the fee for the tickets. You provide the venue, do marketing, cover copying costs, handle tickets, registration and check-in on the day of the event. Your organization keeps ALL of the ticket money for your fund-raising goal. Dr. Patt receives a flat honorarium in advance.

Contact Dr. Patt to discuss your needs and work out an agreement for providing this outstanding mental health/wellness educational value to your members and opportunity to raise funds for your special project.

Local: 636-671-9933  [email protected]

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Convenient to St. Louis City and County. Just a quick 15-30 minutes from St. Charles County over the 364/Page bridge or via HWY 70 or HWY 40/64.

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