Who Should Take It?

Who Benefits from Taking the Social and Emotional Intelligence Profile (SEIP)?

Our IQ remains unchanged; however, unlike our IQ, we can increase our EQ.  Our level of Emotional Intelligence “follows us everywhere” but  our capacity to maximize application of our EQ skills can vary across contexts and as we travel through life. So importantly, taking the SEIP® will identify your strengths and challenges and provide developmental tips to help you improve your EQ.  Research for decades continues to show the critical value of Emotional Intelligence for overall life satisfaction and success.

Adults who choose to take the SEIP® can select either the “Adult” or the “Workplace” version.  The Youth version is uniquely designed for Pre-teens and Teens (ages 11-18).

  1. Whether your focus is on  reinforcing strengths, challenges on the job, team building, or another aspect of career development, the Workplace version of the SEIP® uses business language and has your needs covered.
  2. If  your personal life/marriage (and perhaps, business relationships, too) needs a lift into enhanced emotional management, that is, emotional expressiveness, restraint OR both, the Adult (personal) version of the SEIP is your best choice.
  3. High school is an important transition time for 14-18 year-olds; a  time to be thinking about college selection, admission, and financial aid. The SEIP® is an outstanding readiness tool for students to take stock of their emotional preparedness to deal with social competition, academic stress, athletic pressure, relationships, peer influence and the other emotional issues of adolescence and young adulthood.
  4. Eleven, twelve, and thirteen year-olds can jump start their journey into the development of their social and emotional intelligence to create balanced and healthy peer and other relationships.

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